Fin de Semana


Hospitalito Atitlan

Santiago, Guatemala

Dr. Tom McDonald

February 19, 2023

Day 7

Today started at 2:30 am. Stephanie scheduled a local guide to bring us up the volcano right behind the town we are inhabiting – Volcan San Pedro. The reason for the uncommon starting time is that it is required if one wants to enjoy the sunrise from this elevated perch; it is reported to be breathtaking. Please see the attached photo to share our view. With wind and rain (our guide said it was “la primera vez” that had ever happened this time of year) there wasn’t much of a vista, but with new friends and some M&Ms and pistachios, we loved the experience anyway.

It has been nice to be strictly tourists for the weekend. We have explored Lake Atitlan, visited with friends and collegues, and enjoyed the local cuisine. Louis enjoys speaking Spanish with the locals and there are plenty of street dogs for Alice to admire. Shirley and I try to keep Stephanie from running us ragged, Steve is the glue, and Steph is in her element.

Tomorrow, we have some hands to fix and school to attend. Wish us luck!


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